eFootball 2023 Unlocker By Bogo36

eFootball 2023 Unlocker

eFootball Teams Unlocker 2.0.0
Always Remember:
Backup the Original Files!
If you want to play online only use the Original Files!

Read the Instructions!

Exe has Unlocked FPS and Network Disabled to avoid getting Banned.

1. Go to Training, Select your Teams and go back to the Pitch so the Teams are loaded:

2. Then quit the Training. The Teams are saved into the Memory of the Game.

3. Start the Match here:

The Konami given Settings are available.
HUD/Scoreboard is not working and the Chants are a bit buggy.

If you quit a Match and go to Exhibition again without choosing Training everything works fine:

eFootball Unlocker 2.0.0 :

v1.0 Unlockers

Version 1:
You can choose many teams (not all) and you can choose all available Settings for the Match.

Version 2:
You can choose every Team in this Game (National Teams etc.) but you cant set the AI difficulty and the Game Speed.

Fix 1:
There was a bug where the Game Softlocks after the end of the match when you wanted to go back to the Main Menu.
This Should be fixed now.

Version 3:
You can choose every Team in this Game (National Teams etc.) and you can set the AI difficulty.
But you still cant change the Game Speed.
Also the Commentary and Fan Chants are not working because technically the Matches with this Unlocker are “Online Training” Matches

Credits : bogo36

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