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FIFA 22 Editor & Mod Manager v1.1.0 By FIFER.


– Added reading and writing support for the RIFF EBX format used in FIFA 22 and Madden 22. This includes support for the majority of types, but missing a few. (Editor and Mod Manager)
– Added FIFA 22 Profile. Includes full support for viewing, exporting and importing TextureAssets, RigidMeshAssets, SkinnedMeshAssets, GradingLUTAssets, AtlasTextureAssets, and support for exporting and or importing some other formats. Includes full legacy support, batch mod exporter support, and EBX reading/writing because of the above change. (Editor and Mod Manager)
– Improved Madden 22 Support, because of the above change we have restored legacy (read and write) support (Editor and Mod Manager)
– JLT, MUS, DBX, FTX, PRE, CAM, and DIR legacy files now open in the legacy text editor (Editor)
– Removed the tab header for the Home Page tab item (Editor)
– Increased the size of the skeleton dropdown on the mesh import window (Editor)
– The added/modified/removed EBX asset TXT files created after a patch now contain entries sorted alphabetically (Editor)
– Fixed an ArgumentNullException when loading a legacy file, where the chunk containing it doesn’t exist (Editor)
– Minor performance improvement when reading legacy files (avoid a memory copy) (Editor)
– Minor performance improvement when loading any asset data from the game (Editor)
– Updated the Madden 22 type info offset (Editor)
– Minor performance improvement when loading EBX modifications from project files (pooled buffer) (Editor)
– Minor performance improvements when loading mods to apply them to the game (Editor and Mod Manager)- Bug fix for an error when launching the game, after modifying certain files in Madden 22 (Editor and Mod Manager)
– Bug fix for never ending error messages when an error occurs on a texture viewer tab (Editor)
– Bug fix for attempting to read data almost indefinitely when SDK generation uses the wrong offset (Editor)
– Bug fix for the property grid treeview scrolling the selected item to the very top of the grid, if its children extend beyond the bottom of the grid (Editor)
– Bug fix for an error when programmatically selecting an asset in the asset list of the data explorer, if multi-select is disabled (Editor)
– Bug fix for being unable to close the SDK update window when the game process is detected, but it never gets a main window handle (Editor)
– SDK generation when using a trial version of a game is now supported (Editor)
– Bug fix for being unable to import textures from the right-click menu of the asset list in Madden 22 (Editor)
– Improved the performance when loading a database in the legacy DB editor (~50% reduction in initial load time) (Editor)
– The game selection window now sorts games alphabetically by name (Editor)
– Corrected a spelling mistake in the error message shown when the SDK is missing (Editor)
– Bug fix for an error when pressing the Close button on the legacy DB editor (Editor)
– Bug fix for error when selecting an empty file on the legacy BIG file editor (Editor)
– Added support for EBX assets with more than 255 fields (Editor)
– Bug fix for the locale.ini editor’s description and main content box being editable when no file is selected (Editor)
– Madden 22 AST files can now be edited within the tool, using the built-in BIG/AST editor (Editor)
– Bug fix for the dimensions checker window incorrectly reporting the height of the modified texture (using the width instead of the height) (Editor)
– Bug fix for an error exporting DDS files into DDS format in the legacy BIG/AST editor (Editor)
– Improved the legacy BIG editor to allow importing using the file extension from the selected file, e.g. a DAT whose name ends in .xml can now be imported from either a .dat or a .xml file (Editor)
– Improved the detection of which assets have changed after a game patch. EBX assets where the GUID has changed will no longer appear in both the added and removed lists (Editor)
– Bug fix for an error that occurred when importing a MovieTexture2Asset video that doesn’t contain any audio streams (Editor)
– Bug fix for errors during skinned mesh import/export when the last-used skeleton doesn’t exist (e.g. swapping between FIFA and Madden) (Editor)
– Bug fix for an error displaying meshes in the mesh viewer caused by non-ASCII path characters (Editor)
– Improved modding support for games that don’t have a Patch folder, which means the latest Madden 22 update now works with the tool (Editor and Mod Manager)
– When a mod fails to load, the name of the mod is now written to the log file (Mod Manager)

fifa editor tool 22

– A more informative error message is now shown when trying to open a .DB legacy file that doesn’t have a corresponding meta.xml file, using the legacy DB editor (Editor)
– Added support for other texture formats (PNG, HDR, TGA) when batch importing legacy DDS files. A new setting in the Import tab of the settings window controls whether to look for the other formats, or only look for the DDS file (Editor)
– Added support for batch importing of Data assets, by right-clicking the folder in the Data Explorer and choosing Batch Import (Editor)
– Enabled exporting of NewWaveAsset, MovieTexture2Asset, RigidMeshAsset, SkinnedMeshAsset, CompositeMeshAsset, and AtlasTextureAssets files for Madden 22 (Editor)
– Enabled importing of MovieTexture2Asset, RigidMeshAsset, SkinnedMeshAsset, and AtlasTextureAssets files for Madden 22. Madden Mesh Importing is still experimental, so most meshes won’t work. (Editor)
– Added icons to the “Batch Export All” and “Batch Export Modified” sub-menu items (Editor)
– Added an “Import Face” option to the right-click menu of the data explorer, when right-clicking on a var_x folder inside of a player folder, for example content/character/player/player_158000/lionel_messi_158023/var_0, which will automatically detect, match and import the necessary files (Editor)
– Renamed the “Do not show this again” option on the texture resize dialog to “Remember my choice” (Editor)
– Added auto-resize support for data textures, including when using Batch Import or Import Face (Editor)
– Added settings to the Settings window to control the auto-resize behaviour when importing files (Editor)
– Bug fix for the data explorer folder icons not reflecting the expanded state of the folder (Editor)
– The game’s Patch folder is now created if it doesn’t exist (Editor and Mod Manager)

– The option to clear the Compute Graph EBX property automatically when importing a face mesh is now turned on by default (it was off by default previously) (Editor)
– Bug fix for incorrect texture res loading/saving for Madden 22 (Editor)
– The legacy DB editor will now only open if the chosen asset has a corresponding -meta.xml file (Editor)
– The dimensions checker window can now be opened using the Ctrl+Shift+D hotkey (Editor)
– Loading of configuration files will now try the backup file if loading of the main file fails (Editor and Mod Manager)
– Enabled batch mod exporting for Madden 22 (Editor)
– Mesh import and export settings are now stored per-game, rather than being shared across all games (Editor)
– Added a hidden per-game modding cache to speed up the process of applying mods and launching, especially when the game is installed on an HDD (Editor and Mod Manager)
– Potential bug fix for an error while applying a filter to the property grid (Editor)
– Bug fix for missing text on the window that’s shown when the game or launcher are open, when trying to applying changes to the game (Editor and Mod Manager)
Allow importing of GradingLutAsset files from the right-click menu of the data explorer (Editor)
– Updated all SDKs
– Code Cleanup and Optimization
– Other small tweaks

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Credits: FIFER

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