Mumbai City and EA Sports Announced Partnership

Mumbai City and EA Sports Announced Partnership.

Mumbai City FC officially announced the partnership with video game development giants EA Sports who are the creators of world famous FIFA Football Video Games. The partnership will remain until the end of 2023-24 Season.

According to the official article by Mumbai City FC, the EA Sports Logo will be printed on the back of the shorts. This uprises Indian Football Market, it will lead more global sponsers to come across Indian Football which will drastically help to improve quality of fooball in India.

The another important question by the users of the Indian Super League in FIFA 22 is that will Mumbai City Fc will be fully licensed in the game? The answer is there is higher chance now. As we all know ISL was added to FIFA 22 and it included all the teams and players and kits, but it misses out the real faces, stadium and more realistic features. So by the partnership with EA Sports, there is a high possibility that Mumbai City Players may have a face scan and more realistic features. This may not happen too soon, but we can expect it to be happening at some point.

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