Option File General V4 [FREE] | EFootball PES 2021 | Update 2022

Option File General V4 PES 2021 fully licensed

In Option File General V4  you will find updated kits, shirts with sponsors, realistic press rooms with sponsors, real names of coaches, team badges and logos, updated faces (these faces are designed with the internal editor by our experts). The templates have been updated with their respective transfers and lineups, the strategy has been modified to achieve a realistic experience and capture the vision of the technical director so that the tactic helps create an immersive experience.

Updated transfers, lineups, press rooms, stadiums, rivalries, strategies and coaches for England 1st Division, England 2nd Division, France 1st Division, France 2nd Division, Italy 1st Division, Italian 2nd Division, Dutch League, Russian League, Scottish League, Spain 1st Division, Spain 2nd Division, Swiss League, Turkish League, Belgian League, Danish League and Legends in the style of Let’s edit PES .

credit: editemospes.com

Download Bundesliga 2021/2022 Option File Seperately

Updated kits

Uniforms (kits) with the corresponding logo on the sleeves of each league in Europe (England, Spain, Italy, France among others) were updated. Secondary jerseys were created for the teams and alternative kits for the squads that did not have one.

Fixed some bugs in licensed clubs and in the design of their respective outfits and added to all those teams that were not licensed.

credit: editemospes.com

Leagues with real names

As we all know in the licensing war with EA SPORTS, the number of real-named leagues that exist in eFootball PES 2021 are limited. Therefore, in this update file you will have within the reach of a couple of clicks all the real names and logos not only of the competitions, but also of the respective cups as well as the design of the draws and the amount of participants in each tournament.

Fortunately, this situation is anticipated from Japan, therefore they provide us with many fake leagues that can be replaced by those created in this patch, therefore you will be able to enjoy all the championships in their original, easy and fast format.

credit: editemospes.com

Updated selections

As we all know, the Eurocup is one of the strengths of this video game and it provided us with an important base of teams that in different circumstances could not be inserted, so the base of national teams is large enough to be able to add more – national teams. .

The calls were also updated to enjoy the biggest stars in world football such as Halland in Norway and Grealish in England. Additionally, the same treatment was given to all South American teams such as Lapadula in Peru and Everton in Brazil.

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