PES 2021 eSim Realistic Gameplay Mod

PES 2021 eSim Realistic Gameplay Mod by tufkar84.

What is eSim?
It’s a set of 70+ gameplay mods with the goal of having a more realistic gameplay, and multiple combinations for everyone to choose from.



Choose your version, copy the dt18_all.cpk file inside the folder, go to the eFootball PES 2021/Data folder, paste and overwrite when asked.


WITH GAMEPLAY LOADER (if you don’t know what Gameplay Loader is, you can just ignore it. To find more about it, go here: Click Here

1) Install Gameplay Loader and test it.
2) Choose the eSim versions you want to use, copy the full folder (ex: eSim 2.0) into the eFootball PES 2021/sider/content/gameplay-loader. You can copy as many as you want.
3) Locate the gameplay-mods file in the eFootball PES 2021/sider/content/gameplay-loader folder, open it with a text editor, and add the title of the mod folder you have pasted in a dedicated line. (ex: eSim 2.0)
4) Launch the game via Sider, activate it and scroll until you see the Gameplay Loader module, select the gameplay mod you want to use.


Q: Which exe is compatible/should I use?
A: The mod has been made and tested with default Konami exe, what some people call Vanilla exe. It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to use default exe with my mod. But you can use it in combination with any other exe, knowing that it wasn’t tested for this purpose.

Q: What is the difference between the versions?
eSim 2022 uses a stronger ball, has lots of unpredictability and well sustained tempo;
eSim Next Gen uses a slower ball on the ground but mostly default in the air, and tries to replicate a slower real-football tempo more accurately, but with very responsive dribbling with the ball;
eSim Final Evolution adds manual ball shielding with L2, a slightly faster, easier to control and slightly less bouncy ball, and more forgiving defenders’ marking;
eSim Beyond Evolution brings back ball physics as default as I could leave them, with as few changes as possible to still make it “eSim”: realistic roll, slower passes, slightly less bounce, different trajectories.

Credits : tufkar84, Evoweb

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