PES 2021 Fans Server 2022

pes 2021 fans server

PES 2021 Fans Server 2022 for Sider  by Dragovic / Jgames.

Current version: 5.0
Minimum version of Sider required: 7.0.0 +
Minimum version of Stadium-server required: Stadium-server 1.4.0
All of the choreo files are the property of the stadium creators. Only the code is my work. Furthermore, this mod is not intended for commercial use by any of the paid patches.


Changelog v5.0
  1. European leagues done
  2. UCL Knockout assignments done
Changelog v4.3
  1. Full German Clubs rival assignment done
  2. Full Dutch Clubs rival assignment done
  3. Added support for Exhibition mode
Changelog v4.2
  1. Full Spanish Clubs rival assignment done
  2. Full Scottish Clubs rival assignment done
Changelog v4.1
  1. Full Italian Clubs rival assignment done
  2. Some new choreos for UCL matches (Bayern, Dortmund and Real Madrid)
Changelog v4
  1. Now fans raise their clubs scarfs
  2. Full English Clubs rival assignment done
  3. Some new choreos for European matches
  4. Code Optimization
Changelog v3
  1. New European rivalries assigned.
  2. Added some German rivalries (1).
  3. Added some Spanish rivalries (3).
  4. Added some English rivalries (9).
  5. Added some French rivalries (2).
  6. Added some Russian rivalries (1).
  7. Added Argentinian and Brazilian rivalries.
Changelog v2
  1. Fixed the bug where Old Trafford was having Camp Nou exterior.
  2. Liverpool exterior was not showing.
  3. Fixed the color issue for Copenhagen choreo.
  4. Added some Spanish rivalries (1).
  5. Added some German rivalries (2).
  6. Added some English rivalries (3).
  7. Added some Portuguese rivalries (2).
  8. Added some Scottish rivalries (2).
  9. Added some Swiss rivalries (1).
  10. Added some Turkish rivalries (3).
Changelog v1
  1. Added Spanish rivalries (10).
  2. Added German rivalries (7).
  3. Added English rivalries (9).
  4. Added Italian rivalries (8).
  5. Added Dutch rivalries (1).
  6. Added French rivalries (3).
  7. Added Danish rivalries (2).
  8. Added Argentinian rivalries (2).
  9. Added Brazilian rivalries (2).


Instructions to Install:

  2. Download PES 2021 Fans Server
  3. Copy the “content & modules” folders to your Sider folder
  4. Add


lua.module = "FansServer.lua"

in your sider.ini file ABOVE STADIUMSERVER.LUA

9. Download the module and overwrite.

Mod is only compatible with VirtuaRED patch, Smoke Patch and ICMP Patch since they use real IDs for Bundesliga. If you want to play with Evo-web patch, then change the Bundesliga team IDs from ChoreoServer.lua with the ones in Evo-web.
Also, the mod will not work for some teams in exhibition mode but will work in the future as the updates roll through.

Credits: Dragovic

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