PES 2021 Gameplay Mods By Alex

PES 2021 Gameplay Mods By Alex.

PES2021 Unreal Drive Mod V2 by Alex
– Minor adjustments to A.I.
– Improved positioning and movement of players.
– And other minor changes in different aspects of the game.

PES2021 Unreal Drive Mod by Alex
– Adjustments have been made to A.I.
– Better responsiveness and control.
– Balance of errors and variety, both on the part of the user and the processor.
I strongly recommend not to use third party gameplay mods in conjunction with my exe file.

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer Ultimate
Correction of early versions of the gameplay, in different aspects of the game.
Changes in the actions of the processor.

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer V7 by Alex

– Processor actions are more diverse compared to the latest versions (There was no such A.I in my works, I managed to find a balance between aggression in the attack and moderate errors)
– I managed to find the best balance between the physics of the players and the overall pace of the game.
– Some episodes in the game are encountered for the first time, they are spontaneous and not scripted.

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer V6 by Alex
-More dynamic game pace.
-Other physics of the ball and players.
-Great maneuverability and controllability.
-The processor creates more complexity, at any level.
I can’t say it’s better or worse than versions 4.5. But this is something else. Whoever finds the game speed too fast can change it to -1 or -2.

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer V5 by Alex
– More moderate game rhythm. Allowing you to better control the situation on the field.
– Processor bugs and variety of action, they don’t follow the same patterns. Attacks are more unpredictable.
– Goalkeepers are more efficient.
And other minor changes.

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer V4 by Alex
– A.I’s actions are even more unpredictable and varied.
– Dribbling and ball control is even better.
– The physics of the player is even more important (body, power, speed, heading)
– And other minor changes in different aspects of the game.
– Do not use other game mods with mine. Pass support 1.
Leave feedback!!!

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer V3 by Alex
Changes in this version:
– Freedom on the football field is much greater, no linear movement of players.
– The selection system has been significantly changed.
– Changes have been made to the game with the body. (The processor does not look like a terminator, the game with the body is equalized).
– The physics of the ball and players are more realistic. (This is something new).
– Dribbling and ball control changed.
– Attacks are more varied and realistic.
Do not use other gameplay mods. Speed 0, difficulty best player. Pass support 1. In general, it’s up to you.
Leave feedback!!!

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer by Alex

New version of the gameplay. PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer by Alex.
List of changes and description:
1. In this version, I was able to minimize the number of far CPU passes from my own half of the field.
2. When trying to tack the ball, the processor overdoes the ball more often, and does not try to get rid of it at any cost. (This creates a greater advantage of pressing, the game takes on new colors).
3. More errors in passes.
4. Pass through. (Improved dribbling).
5. Due to the changed physics and mechanics of the game, there are no more ordinary and non-standard situations on the field (Bounces, rods, misses).
Important!!! I recommend using it without third-party game mods.
Pass support 1.

PES2021 Gameplay Modern Soccer V2 by Alex

Changed mechanics and game rhythm.
Fixed bugs in the first version.

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