Pes 2021 Gentleman’s Club Gameplay Mod

Pes 2021 Gentleman’s Club Gameplay by IbraCadabra96.

  •  Script removed from SS
  • CPU is no more lethal in front of goal
    • Finally I found a way to decrease CPU accuracy
  • AI now has human decision making and smart approaches in all areas of the pitch
    • This is one of the greatest thing about this GP, thanks to the ThirdEyeKidman tactics now every team will play smartly
  • AI respecting tactic’s instructions
    • Brought to 0 every value which regulate the frequencies of specific offensive situation from the CPU. In this way they will respect perfectly their assigned tactics before and during the game
  • AI is calculated with build up play
    • You won’t see anymore stupid long balls on every match, instead you will find a patient CPU unless the team has long ball instructions
  • Improved players responsiveness
    • This is something I really liked from Liberty GP, so I increased the responsiveness without breaking the game balance.
  • Improved goalkeepers
    • Thanks to the wonderful animations made by @Holland and also thanks to the offensive treat which I applied to them
  • Realistic ball physics
    • Ball physics roll and bounces like in real life, you will feel a difference based on pitch conditions
  • Chip shot improved
    • Trajectories made lower and more tense for a realistic feeling
  • Air through balls improved
  • Passing system revisited almost from scratch
    • This is probably one of the greatest part of the GP, now thanks to the new ball physics and the new decreased power gauges you can do very short passes and play some real tiki-taka like in real life, even with grounded through balls. In one word, you can feel freedom
  • Improved fouls system
    • This has been something really random because I didn’t touch that much but everyone including me seems to like this new realistic foul system


Download Links

VR4 Database Edition : Click Here

PogChampion’s Database Edition: Click Here

Credits : IbraCadabra96

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