PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay Mod

PES 2021 Liberty Gameplay Mod by tdth.


  • Control: heavy, not responsive, delay button. KONAMI constantly injects its own control to interfere with your play
  • Cursor change: totally messed up, can’t change to the player you want.
  • Through pass: too much power, and too far away from your intended recipient.
  • Player movement: player run away from the ball, or run with the ball towards opponents, or sudden move in a weird direction while receiving pass…

Important note:

  • This GP is developed based on the original exe, so it’s recommended to have the same setup when you try this GP. When trying together with other GP, there might be conflict and bugs…
  • Due to the confusion with sider, from version 3.0 onward, I will package everything into cpk instead. Hope this will make it easier for everyone.

Changelog: version 4.0 (27 Dec 2021)

  • Overall improvements in many aspects (responsiveness dribble, shot, etc..)
  • Rebalance rating calculation at the end of the match to be more natural
  • AI’s attack will be more diverse
  • Reduce speed to be close to default
  • Fix bugs from previous versions
  • Note: It’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to use pass support level 1 to fully enjoy the through pass/curl through pass
  • Note: If you feel anything strange when playing, please shut down your PC, turn it on then try again. Make sure this mod is the first one you try after turning on the PC

Instructions : Download gameplay from the link above & Follow the instruction text within the folder.

Credits : tdth

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