PES 2021 Smoke Patch v21.3.7 For PC

The SmokePatch 21.3.7 For PES 2021 PC Season has been updated on 02.09 2021.

Release Notes For Update 21.3.7:

– optional update applies +4000 summer transfers for v3
– applied minor fixes in the database

– this update requires full patch version 21.3.6
– this is the last update for SPV3 season 20/21
– no system change (Modes started with previous V3 versions can continue)
– no changes in the graphics or league system (logo and kits are season 20/21)
– full team review and missing transfers will be included in the new season patch
– new season 21/22 patch V4 season will replace V3.

Release Notes version 21.3.6:
* This is the final full version for SP21 v3 (season 20/21)
* A small optional update will be available after the transfer market closes to include major transfers
* No changes in the league structure to preserve ML/BL modes, season (21/22) will be included in the new season patch v4.
* The installer will upgrade any pre-existing smokepatch version.
* Football life modes (ML-BL) started with 21.3.0 or newer can continue.
* Most addons are updated for best compatibility with the new game and patch versions, check any addon used for available updated versions.

Changes in version 21.3.6:
– Compatible with the latest game version
– Includes all needed DLC files
– Updated player’s stats
– Updated database (added missing players)
– Updated national teams callups (EURO and Copa America)
– Updated the boot pack (imported models from new DLC)
– Imported all DLC stadium enhancements
– Reworked the stadiums’ files (removed 1.1GB of unneeded files to make the patch size smaller)
– Other various updates and fixes

SP21 General Features:

– compatible with the latest game data-pack
– ready for season 20/21
– all players have real names
– all teams have a real name and logo
– all teams have real kits
– all teams have the correct stadium name and rivals
– all leagues have the correct name and logo
– removed duplicated teams
– added new managers
– added new teams
– added new national teams
– added new leagues
– added new classic teams
– added a lot of real faces (addon)
– added a lot of mini-faces (+20k)
– added real balls
– added 100 boots and 30 gloves
– many others…


Teams and Players
currently, our database has 741 total teams including hidden, classics teams, and expansion teams, the database includes over 25000 players, all real players except the players in the editable teams, no duplicated teams or players, players stats are from the latest Konami live update, we constantly keep updating the transfers and adding players if possible.

all the players and players added with their original game ID, if a player or a team does not have one then we assign a temporary ID until is added in the game database.

two teams remained fully editable, pes united (Zalgiris Vilnius) and we united (Ceres Negros), you can use these teams to make your own, it is possible to export the team and import it when we update the patch, see tutorial section.

for ID reference, our database is available HERE.

all the leagues are up to date for the current season, created all the promoted teams, fake leagues replaced with real leagues (MLS, J1 League, Bundesliga)

added more new master league managers to choose from.
managers available:

Managers list
– R. Carlos
– Romário
– L. Matthäus
– R. Gullit
– J. Cruyff
– Zico
– D. Maradona
– Bebeto
– K. Eto
– M. Bielsa
– Gattuso
– S. Gerrard
– J. Mourinho
– T. Henry
– V. Kompany
– Raul
– Rijkaard
– C. Ancelotti
– Van Der Vaart
– Z. Zidane
– E. Valverde
– J. Klopp
– J. Zanetti
– X. Alonso
– P. Maldini
– A. Pirlo
– W. Samuel
– D. Simeone
– Mikel Arteta
– F. Totti
– F. Inzaghi
– A. Conte
– F. Terim
– Luis Enrique
– R. Benitez
– Xavi
– T. Tuchel
– M. Carrick
– Schweinsteiger
– R. Van Persie
– S. Eto’o
– P. Lahm
– F. De Boer
– G. Hagi
– H. Stoichkov
– Rivaldo
– J. Veron
– E. Guðjohnsen
– Cafu
– A. Ferguson
– A. Daei
– O. Solskjaer
– R. Giggs
– P. Guardiola
– F. Lampard

Default managers from the game:
– A. Boninsegna
– M. Aracil
– D. Lane
– D. Pleasence
– G. Hedges
– S. Casero
– J. Enguiz
– R. Dudfield
– H. Ise

all the graphics files we create for best quality and performance at the same time, with the lowest file size possible for high quality, the graphics (emblems, logos, boots, balls, backgrounds) are all compatible with 4K resolution without losing quality. while consuming the same PC resources as the original game.

special graphics applied in SP21, you can use the switcher to remove the graphics and/or the scoreboard for default Konami graphics.

the stadiums in the smoke patch are default game stadiums, updated from the most recent game data pack, you can add more from addons.

Kits (team shirts)
we create and update kits constantly, all the teams in the smoke patch have real kits, most of the kits are of the current season, we keep updating the kits and include the new contents in updates when we have sufficient new files ready.

there are many more options you can add to smoke patch, check the addons section of the website, the addons are being upgraded periodically and we plan to add more options in the future.
be sure to read carefully about any addon before using it to know more about its functionality and compatibility.

a small switcher tool is included for various functions, located in the game folder, be sure the game is not running if you want to use this tool.
* all original game DLC files are needed if the patch is deactivated for online mode.


1- Extract patch files
get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don’t move any of the installation files or folders, and be sure you do not get any errors.

2- Run (smokepatch21.0.0.exe)
run the installer and choose the game installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don’t get errors, and that the installer finished successfully.

3- Copy the Edit file
manually copy the edit file (edit00000000) that comes with the latest update, replace the file in the save folder of the game in documents.

* same instructions for patch update if available.


– this patch is made to focus on offline modes, to play online or my club use switcher to deactivate the patch and restore the default game
– changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk.
– smoke patch does not include the game, we assume that you have bought and installed it.
– for steam users, deactivate live update in the team select menu, see the picture:

Live Update Settings SP21

* SmokePatch is FREE, we recover some of our expenses from small donations and advertising, thanks to anyone who helped.

* All the files you download from here are virus-free and 100% safe, scanned with multiple antivirus programs before and after uploading, all this to ensure our links are always safe and available.

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