• Less precision in passes and shoots, both from player and AI, specially in long target attempts. This is because I feel that you need to have a reason to play short passes. If long passes are always well placed, then, why would you play short if you can play more direct? Same goes for long shots. If you can easily score from out-of-the box… Why would you try to get the ball inside the area? Both of this are focused to give tiki-taka posession game more of a reason to be played. This doesn’t mean long balls and shoots from outside the area are render unusable, it only means that passing close is easier than passing long (in terms of precission and speed needed), but will give the enemy more time to restructure to defend, and shooting from upclose will be easier aswell, but the areas will be defended much tighter than the outside, so even when the shoot is easier from inside the area, you will have less window of opportunity being defended much more tightly. You’ll need cunning precission and great reflexes and prediction to land a ball inside the area for a clean shot, but it will defenitely pay off.​
  • Reworked ball physics and dribbling. Big hails for IbraCadabra96 team for this. I worked upon their already great base to make dribbling even more free, and now your players might loose the ball in a jostle much easier, but also regain it back again. The ball is a free object that you have to react to, not something tied to your boots, and a lot of times you might be dribbling past a defender after a rebound, like in real life happens. Also, something key to interact with the ball, and you have to remember it, is to give your player the propper command, and a lot of times this will mean stop holding your joystick forward, use supercancel, use feints, putting your body in certain angle, etc. etc. Changes of pace are much more usable now. Don’t try to simply move forward as a dummy, small touches to the ball and finesse dribbling are now more responsive and usable. Also, all this is possible because of the next key element.​
  • Reworked defending. Tackles are now less precise. Players will defend the space better. The defending is now more tactic and less exploitable through passing, giving 1-on-1 much more of a use. Defenders will rush less on the defense, but if you’re able to fool them and pass ahead them, you will be able to take more advantages out of them. Defending rythm is much more real-life like.​
  • Reworked stamina values. Now being tired is much more penalizing. Sadly, the game is still lacking with different tired states, and players still have only 3 stamina states, cyan (completely fresh), green (normal) and red (tired), so the reach of this changes is limited to tired (red) stamina. Would love to find a way to have intermidate stamina states, but I fear this is imposible without having game code. Konami still owes us a good stamina system, but this is what we can work with. At least, you now will be much more prone to change your players before they go red and give a massive drop of performance to your whole team.​
  • AI attacking behaviour and patterns are much better. Feel more human like, and ocassionally will even try. Left this one to the last, because even when I work it a bit in my dt, I think this is much more the work of the exe itself, even when I might have influenced this with certain values on my dt.​

So now that we have covered the advantages, does this mean there’s no disadvantages? Not really, though for me are minor. To the time being, the known issues are:

  • Ball controls: When controlling a very powerful shot against the direction it comes from, the ball migh feel a bit floatie, and will tend to rebound up in the air more likely than to rebound forward. Is an issue I couldn’t, or don’t know how to solve, since my modding knowledge is quite limited. Still though is not THAT COMMON, and also gives a reason to try to keep your passes precise in terms of power.
  • Pass precission: Even when this is a feature, it might be an issue as well to those who aren’t used to manual, and even to those used to manual not used to need so precise inputs. When you pass, it is recommended to release the left stick first to neutral position, and then move it and hold it to where you want to pass until you release the passing button. If you don’t do it like that, sometimes the player will pass the ball in a different direction. The pass inputs here need to be REALLY REALLY PRECISE. It is on purpose, so that rushed play is penalized a bit more… until you have re-learnt to play PES with less lazy, more precise inputs. Once you get used to it, you will be able to do wonderful plays thanks to the much more freedom given to the passes. Just remember, practice makes the master. With enough time and if you try to play it more simulative, less arcady like, you will make much better plays. Remember this is much more alike real-life. Angles make much more of an importance, changing the ball of leg before you do that pass might be the difference even between having your pass catched or pass through the defender. Everything matters here, so until you get used to it, you might struggle, but persevere, and you will emerge victorious, and victory will have much more taste than any before.
Download & Installation

First you need is sider, that you can get it here:

The second thing you need is @Kolesnikcr7 exe, that you can find on the next link.

I currently use his last entry in 21/02/2022, that is the version “Drive”. His work goes independent to mine, and my dt works good with this version of his exe. I can’t say how it work with next versions, maybe better, maybe worse, and is all about trying it, but know that the exe this dt is supposed to work with is the Drive version.

The last thing you need is my dt, which you can download here : Download Link

Version 1.1

To install it, all you have to do is drop the Kolesnik exe in your PES directory, then drop and unpack my dt in the sider livecpk folder, and add to sider.ini the next line.
cpk.root = “.\livecpk\Ultimate Football Simulator”
Mind that what you add to this line has to match the name of the folder in livecpk or it won’t work. I will show where it has to go with som pics.

This is the folder where you have to unpack the dt.

Like this:

You don’t need to have the rar in the same folder, just the unpacked. Then the line into sider.

EDIT: Is recommended to use speedserver with a speed of 18500. You can get it here.

You need to add it to the sider by unpacking it on the modules folder

then add to sider.ini this line
lua.module = “SpeedServer.lua”
like in here

And with this, you should be ready to start the game. Run sider and enjoy this gameplay!

New update v1.1

This update seeks making controls, player reactions and dribbling, specially in tight spaces, much more usable and dynamic, contact less oppressive to the player with the ball, ammend through pass (not that much achieved) and cpu shooting accuracy, and players off the ball moving.

The intention is to make a more dynamic game, where 1 on 1 situations have much more of an impact and dribbling players (specially in tight spaces) can lead to more dangerous opportunities on the cpu goal, and at the same time adjust cpu accuracy against player goal. Hope you enjoy.


Changes in constant_player.bin
Changes in trap.o, in an attempt to make players more responsive and act faster.
Changes in Blend Start Frame, Cancel Frame, Touch After Sec
Changes in moveOnPass.o In an attempt to make players more aware of the ball and pursuit it more when they are passed.
Changes in throughpass.o in an attempt of making through passes (specially advanced ones) much more responsive and intuitive, trying to giving more control to the user so that it’s less common to have the ball going short.
Changes in contact.o in an attempt to make ballplayers less affected by contact with the defenders, so that they can go through them easier.
Changes dribble.o in an attempt to bring a more responsive dribble into play.
Changes in constant_match.bin
Changes in cpuLevel.o in an attempt to make the CPU more human when shooting into goal.
Changes in constant_team.bin
Changes in support.o in an attempt of changing support behaviour of the AI companions.

Credits: Hels The Ronin, Evoweb Community

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