PES 2021 Ultimate Master League Mod

PES 2021 Ultimate Master League Mod by PogChampion.
IMPORTANT! This mod was made on VirtuaRED Patch so applying it to any other patch or default game might not work correctly!

Features included in the mod:

  • – New updated ratings
  • – Improved player growth
  • – Increased longevity of the player’s careers
  • – Real wonderkids will now turn into superstars
  • – Unexpected players turning into stars
  • – Realistic player market values
  • – Real formations, tactics and formations
  • – Young free agents moved to their respective A teams
  • – Position changes
  • – Reduced ratings for fake free agents


If you’re used to using the players from the Youth System for your Master League team, please be aware that this mod downgrades all fake players, Youth Team included.

It is possible that in future I reset their stats and make them usable again but for now it’s not on my list of priorities.​

Update description:

New changes:

– Updated player forms based on current season performances (top leagues)
– Improved stamina and forms of goalkeepers to reduce a chance of CPU using a 2nd choice keeper vs you

Other Changes:

– Updated ratings and market values for 1500+ U21 players (+other players)
– Added playing styles (lot of Bundesliga players had no set play style)
– Added player skills for some wonderkids
– Added more U21 players to their A teams
– Position changes and other minor adjustments

Update (18.05.2021)

>>>FIX FOR DLC 6.0<<<

As requested, I’m adding a donation link where you can support my current and all the future work. Any donations are very much appreciated!

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More detailed explanation:

Players ratings are set up based on their current season performances (competition is taken into consideration), their market value, their age and also slightly adjusted for a realistic development process of the player.

Player growth

Important thing to mention is that not every player will develop at a same pace. There’s a lot of factors taken into consideration but most important is the info I have on the player. I used a lot of different sites to find the best prospects and make a proper setup for their development.

Increased longevity

This is still kind of a grey area, but I noticed a lot of players downgrading at a slower pace than usual and also retiring at a later age.

Unexpected stars

Now and then due to many factors, you will see a player overachieve and become a star player. This gives Master League some more depth and unpredictability. There’s also a possibility that a player underachieves, being to injury or just not playing on a regular basis.

Realistic market values

Players market values are set to have realistic price tags when they hit their peak.

Note: The game has a linear price increase/decrease so it doesn’t matter if the player went up by +2 as a 70 overall or 85 overall, the price increase is gonna be the same (very small). That’s why you might see younger players having set market values a bit on a higher side during their early age, it’s to avoid them being cheap after a few seasons.

Real formations, tactics and lineups

Lineups and formations are updated based on IRL squads. klashman69 formations & tactics was used as a base.

Young free agents moved to their respective A teams

There’s free agents in the game that are real players playing for B teams or U19/U21/23 squads. Those are being added to their A teams in game.
Feel free to let me know if you notice some players in free agents that haven’t been moved yet.

Duplicates and retired players

You might noticed some players with 40 overall rating in free agents. The reason for that is there’s a few players that are duplicated in VirtuaRED patch because the AFC Champions League teams are included in Master League both as AFC CL competitors as well as domestic league.
There are also some retired players in the free agent pool which I also set to 40 overall. If you want to use any of those players you can just simply edit their stats in the edit section.


UPDATE: Download Link

Credits: PogChampion

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